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Captures Passwords
Captures Usernames
Captures Email Typed
Captures Online Activity
Captures Keystrokes
Completely Hidden!


57% of people have used the Internet to flirt online.

38% of people have engaged in online chats of explicit sexual nature.

11% of people have had an online conversation that has led to real-time sex.

70% of all Internet porn surfing traffic occurs during the nine-to-five work day.

37% of children have been solicited online for sex in the past year.

77% of all U.S. companies keep tabs on employees by spying on their Internet surfing and e-mail.

27% of companies say that they have fired employees for misuse of internet connections.

Automatically Records:

All Applications
All Web Sites Visited
All Chats Typed
All Keystrokes Typed
All Display Screens
All Emails Typed
Plus Much More!

Automatically Records:

AOL Chat Rooms
AOL Instant Messenger
MSN Instant Messenger
ICQ Messenger
Yahoo Messenger
Trillian Messenger

Can Secretly Spy:

Your Husband
Your Wife
Your Chidlren
Your Friends
Your Lover
Your Employees
Or Anyone Else!

Our Bonus Features:

Super Stealth Mode
Password Protection
Realtime Recording
Automatic Recording
Inactivity Timeout
Fast File Searching
Log File Exporting


:: Invisible Keylogger is Powerful! ::

Powerful Key Logger & Spy Software

Completely Invisible!
Remains Hidden from Anyone!

  • Spyon a Spouse!
  • Spyon a Child!
  • Spy on Employees!
  • Spy a Lover!

Always Hidden!
Guaranteed to hide perfectly!

They will never know it is running! Don't take the chance with other products that could potentially ruin your personal relationships if the product is discovered!

Stealth Spy Software

Invisible Keylogger 1.2
Stealth PC Monitoring and Surveillance Software

Invisible Keylogger is a stealth surveillance application that will monitor and record computer activities completely undetected to ANY user. We know you have tried other keyloggers and spy software but wait until you try this! Our application will monitor in such secrecy not even a skilled computer technician would be able to find it running!

Security Features

  • Completely Stealth[Visual Reference]

    Configure Invisible Keylogger to hide during monitoring sessions and it is virtually impossible to detect. Invisible Keylogger will not be listed in the task manager and also gives you the option to remove it from the uninstall list! Superior stealth performance that is unmatched by others!

  • Windows Startup[Visual Reference]

    Configure Invisible Keylogger to startup for a single user, or to start up as a service for all users on the system - perfect for monitoring multiple users of a PC.

  • Intelligent Startup[Visual Reference ]

    Automatically begin recording immediately all users no matter if they are password protected! Upon windows startup Invisible Keylogger will capture all information from all users!

  • Password Protection[Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger is password protected to prevent others from starting/stopping the recording process, as well as changing Invisible Keyloggers configuration settings.
  • Encrypted Log Files [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger encrypts all logs files and protects them from being viewed. Only you can read the logs with a unique username and password that you may change at anytime!

Special Features
  • Application Monitoring[Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger can record all applications ran and the text typed in these applications. You are given the option to specify which applications you want Invisible Keylogger to record.

  • Usernames/PasswordsVisual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will capture all user names and password secretly in complete stealth mode! This includes all https: secure user logins /passwords as well as html based user logins/passwords.

  • Chat Messengers [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will capture all text on AOL / ICQ/ YAHOO/ MSN /AIM MESSENGERS and store logs in an easy to read format that is time stamped on every event captured!
  • Log Exporting[Visual Reference]

    Export Invisible Keyloggers recorded logs into an easy to read HTML document for later viewing or records!
  • E-Mail Recording [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keyloggers super stealth recording will capture all emails composed secretly. All emails including subject and content body are recorded and can be sent via email with reports at anytime!
  • Dates Manager [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger is equipped with a calander that seperates logs by specific dates and times. All recorded sessions will be grouped by date, month, and hour. This will enable you to narrow down who was using your computer and when.
  • Email Delivery [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger can deliver reports of recorded activity secretly at set intervals. All logs can be sent by email secretly for you to read at anytime! You no longer have to wait for reports anymore!
  • Clipboard Recording[Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will record all clipboard text and save it for later viewing! This will enable you to see all text even text that has been cut and pasted in a browser, email, or Anywhere!
  • Screen Shot Capturing [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will secretly record desktop activity at set intervals. You may choose to have Invisible Keylogger only record activity if a user is present! All activity is secretly recorded and can be viewed and thumbnail size or original full scale size inside Invisible Keyloggers password protected viewer!
  • Auto Log Clearing [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger can be configured to clear all logs at set intervals as an added security measure. You may also clear logs at anytime and completely remove them from your computer!
  • Window Activity Logging [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will capture information on every window that was viewed and interacted with secretly at anytime and save all window titles from later viewing.
  • Keyboard Logging [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will record all keystrokes typed secretly, completely undetectable to the user! The Keylogger will also capture text typed on international keyboards!
  • Website Logging [Visual Reference]

    Invisible Keylogger will record and time stamp all websites visited. If a user is surfing inappropriate content, Invisible Keylogger will record this content. You may re-visit all websites directly inside the Invisible Keylogger log viewer.

And more...!

  • Graphical Interface [Visual Reference]-Invisible Keylogger has a very intuitive and friendly user interface. All functions are self explanatory and actions can be easily executed with a click of the mouse!

  • Helpful Documentation - Invisible Keylogger comes equipped with a powerful Users Guide, which can be easily be printed out for later viewing!
  • Stealth Performance - Invisible Keylogger offers superior stealth monitoring. Once this application is monitoring it will record in complete stealth mode and cannot be detected in the windows task manager, system tray, start menu or uninstall list on all windows operating systems!

  • Only 290kb - Not only does Invisible Keylogger offer superior stealth performance, it also offers a stealth compact file size that enables you to download it onto a disk at anytime!

Why settle for a temporary solution like others offer? Other products are bulky in file size and easy to detect! With Invisible Keylogger WE can GUARANTEE our application will not be detected once placed in stealth mode or your money back! Download Invisible Keylogger today!

It's only 290kb, and Completely Invisible!

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